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Geoscience Notes (formerly Prace Geologiczno-Mineralogiczne) is a Polish journal publishing a wide range of subjects focused on all aspects of geology. We invite original research papers describing different aspects of scientific research including geology, geochemistry and geophysics and extending from its deep interiors to its hydrosphere and atmosphere.

All submitted manuscripts are read by the editorial staff, who decide on and send each manuscript to two peer-reviewers. The editors then make a decision based on the reviewers’ opinion to either accept the manuscript, reject it or accept with revision.

Our aim is to make the peer-reviewing process friendly for graduate and undergraduate students with the reviewers being advised on giving constructive reviews, which should help to improve the submitted manuscript as well as general writing skills of the students.

Geoscience Notes publishes four types of manuscripts: review articles, research articles, data reports and field trip to... . The language of the manuscript is English with Polish summary. All of the manuscript are open-access and available as on-line versions.

Review articles are published one per number and only as invited by the editor. The invited reviews present the summary of recent research conducted mainly by the author in the region of Lower Silesia. Review articles cover all subjects accepted by the journal. The review article undergoes peer-review process and is revised by two reviewers.

Research articles present work that has not been previously published (the exceptions are conference abstracts and parts of master, doctoral or habilitation theses), nor is it submitted to any other journal. Each article should present original work including data, their interpretation and implications of the work. There is no word limit or limits on the amount of data published in tables and figures. It is suggested that large datasets be published as supplementary electronic attachments.

Data reports are short communications and present work that has not been previously published (the exceptions are conference abstracts and parts of master, doctoral or habilitation thesis), nor is it submitted or will be submitted to any other journal. The reports are designed to present good quality datasets, which are either too small or too complex to be followed by interpretation and implications. The reports should be concise and focused on quality of the data (methods) and the results themselves. The authors submitting the reports agree that if any other publication containing the dataset is submitted, it refers explicitly to the published data report. Other authors can use the data and subject them to their own interpretation.

Field trip to... is a short description of an interesting locality connected to general geoscience, for example natural or artificial outcrop, soil profiles, pollution sites or architecture sites. The field description should stress the aspect of the locality, which is interesting for geoscientists. The contribution has to include a map and GPS coordinates of the site. We also encourage authors to include high quality photos.


ISSN: 2353-1487


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